Monday, September 8, 2014

Proof that Oregon's bonkers!

I usually head out for walks or rides in the morning or afternoon, ready to shoot whatever odd ride I run across. However, sometimes there's something so unique that it warrants immediate documentation even if it's late at night. This is one of those finds.
This is a 1970-1973 Volkswagen Type III, better known as the Squareback. This is the second Squareback to be featured on this blog of the same vintage, but its not really about the car itself this time around is it? The owner of this ride has gone officially bonkers with their multilayered paint job and homemade accessories scattered about. Just look at the front; a bull horn missing one side and a massive grenade stenciled on to the hood of the most hippie-oriented brand auto ever? Why not? "FORGET ABOUT IT" the sticker says in a refreshingly non-Noo Yawk style.
I love the mouth on this thing amidst the many nuclear symbols. Looking at this pic now I wish I'd noticed the piece of paper stuck under the wiper. An offer to purchase perhaps?
This has all the hallmarks of a group effort as there are conflicting styles and messages all over this thing. It's a little tough to gauge but my guess is that this car was originally delivered in the color Adriablau (Adria, or Adriatic, Blue). The light green sides actually look like the color Ravenna Green which was available in '73 only, so who knows?
This is the automotive equivalent of Private Jokers helmet in Full Metal Jacket; anti war messages mingle with militant threats. Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and the Rolling Stones all find places next to a combination grenade/Grateful Dead Steal Your Face sticker.
This thing has been around for sure. Did you notice the roof rack?
Yes! This is definitely the first time I've seen a roof rack made out of wood, let alone unfinished pieces still wearing their bark. I've seen tow trucks with massive railroad-tie bumpers and pickups with homemade wooden beds, but this is awesome. It also looks like somebody was trying to polish the original blue paint in spots before forfeiting and going the full Mardi-Gras route.
The flaming eyeball is a magnificent touch!

The inside looks to be that Ravenna Green color, so I don't know what the deal is with this thing. It is equipped with Volkswagens first fully automatic transmission as opposed to the Beetle which only had a semi-automatic called the Autostick. Looks like the door panels have been replaced with the sort of peg board you might use to hold tools to the wall of your garage.
Well there we have it; a calamitous melange of flavors and styles found on a Williamsburg night. I've been collecting pairs of cars recently so tomorrow I'll be back with a Twofer Tuesday offering.

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