Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is my 299th post so here's a 300 preview!

300 FOR 299
With the post after this one being my 300th I started going through my many unused pics to see if indeed I had ever shot a Chrysler 300. It turn out I did, but only through a driveway fence after pulling over upstate. Regardless here she is!
This is a 1965 Chrysler 300 in Spanish Red Poly. It is really making the scene with the setting and all.
 Even though the body is identical to the New Yorker and Newport we can identify the 300 by its grill with the large cross hairs. The New Yorker had an eggcrate design while the Newport had a vertical center bar bisecting it. Behind that grill lies the mighty 413 V8 good for 360hp and a whopping 495 ft lbs of torque. I drove one of these once and despite it's monumental scale it got up and danced like a much smaller car. The 440 would replace this engine in '66.
This model is a true 4 door hardtop so when all the windows are rolled down nothing separates the front and rear openings.
It's not clear here but the headlights are actually behind panes of glass. Eventually this was deemed illegal and the headlights in future years were no longer covered. These cars are the ultimate in '60s muscle & luxury combined. I would write a book on this car but I've only got these pics so I'll hold off until I'm lucky enough to find one I can walk around.
Stay tuned though as tomorrow brings the 300th post for this blog! I've got a truly iconic ride just waiting for its moment.
PS - there was an old man rounding the corner of the house on a riding mower when I shot these pics. I immediately regretted not walking up and motioning for him to talk to me about the car. Its prominent display lead me to believe that he was extremely proud of the car (rightfully so) and his vintage meant he could've been the original owner. Next time I'm riding around Pine Bush I'll try to track down this driveway again.

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