Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pennsylvania Plymouth in syndication

I was trolling the backwoods of Northeastern PA when I passed this sweet Mopar:
This is a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II in Black. Now let's get this outta the way:
Alright back to the matter at hand. The Belvedere was the mid-size offering from Plymouth in the mid to late '60s. You can identify a '66 by the smaller inboard lights on the grill; the '65 had only 1 light on each side of the grill while the '67 had 4 headlights of equal size.
There is an air of formality to the Belvedere that I like. The stand up hood ornament and clean lines make the black paint look executive.
This car hails from the era of straight lines and crisp edges in design. The body is about as square as can be and the roof was designed with a ruler. Being 1966 the trunk just continues on for days. If the car ended at that round emblem it would be almost perfectly balanced. Incidentally that round shape is a gas cap hiding in plain sight.
I was extremely excited to look in and see that this is a manual transmission car! You can just make out the extra pedal meaning that this is a 3 on the tree ride. That combined with roll down windows, no radio, and no air conditioning make for an understated muscle car.
This thing is in fantastic condition throughout. The 2 dark rectangles on the edges of that center aluminum rear facade are the reverse lights. The wheels are original from the factory called Magnum 500.
That trunk is tabletop flat. The taillights are subtly different with the right side having three chrome rectangles and the left having two. The left side might be from a Belvedere I which is the lower trim level. The right is correct for both the Belvedere II and the top trim level Satellite.
The following year would bring the GTX version of this ride which was an unabashed muscle car.
Very formal wording befitting such a straight-laced ride.
This signifies that a V8 engine lurks under the hood but it could be anything from a 273 to the 383. The legendary 426 Hemi was available but if it were so equipped it would have the largest most ridiculous hood scoop you've ever seen. A mere 531 Belvedere IIs came with the Hemi.
Well that will do it for this sweet wolf in sheeps clothing. It's rare that a car gets nicer and nicer the more I stare at it but that's the case with this ride. Somebody definitely loves this car and parks it indoors for the colder months. I'm lucky I passed by it when I did!

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