Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gigantism continued

Little did I know when posting the '79 Lincoln Continental yesterday that I had pics from 2 years ago documenting its twin. Behold the personal luxury version of that beast:
This is a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Collector's Series in Midnight Blue.
This is the 2 door personal luxury version of the massive 4 door I posted yesterday so I won't get too wordy except for differences. The dimensions are somehow more impressive as this is a 2 door coupe; 19.1 feet long, 6.6 feet wide, and 4,900 lbs is about the same as the sedan.
Gold accented grill represents on this C.S. too.
This one has the optional electrically operated sunroof.
All of the Mark V personal luxury coupes had these gills on the front fenders. The body color matched wheels are on display here.
Behind the passenger side mirror is a vertical chrome bar on the window. This is a power mini vent window that slides down individually or with the door glass. For anyone curious here's a short clip of this in operation.
First of all this is the optional leather interior. More importantly this has the optional CB radio installed in the dash! For a short while in the late '70s this CBs were available from most or all domestic automakers. Squelch all you want and pretend you're the Bandit. Live life!
As with the 4 door the opera windows of the other models are omitted in favor of this Collector's Series emblem. This lens is the glowing electroluminescent panel.
The Mark V sported the faux spare tire hump on the trunk. In true Malaise era fashion it is upholstered. Of course part of the trunk is upholstered! Why not?
One tidbit I just learned today is that the trunk is fitted with the same ultra plush carpeting as the C.S. interior. In a bizarre overshoot of luxury the inside of the trunk lid itself is also carpeted! Is it for the comfort or sound dampening of people who owe you money? Who makes a trunk comfortable?
The missing rear bumper makes this look odd. The patina spreading across the body is further arguing to turn this beast into a LeMons racer.
I forget exactly where this was but as you can see it was the largest item in a barn clearing yard sale. A mere 6,200 of these Mark V Collector's Series were produced in its single year run. Being that this forlorn example has all the unique doodads in place I suppose this is well worth restoring for someone. If I was 17 again I would definitely knock on the door to see if I could grab it for a few hundred bucks.

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  1. so sad, these are so expensive now for a nice one, wonder if he has the tool kit and umbrella? I bet the bumper fell off driving down the road,lool.