Sunday, July 30, 2017

Zero to sixty in never

I was strolling somewhere around the Gowanus Canal general area when I noticed this little bike chained to a sign:
I don't know motorcycles at all. Identifying this off the top of my head was out of the question. The one detail that made me notice it at first was that big rectangular taillight. To me it immediately looked like late '70s/early '80s Japanese, but that's it!
I made my way past it and saw why this little punk was abandoned; the entire drivetrain is missing! I dig those mag wheels though. A housemate of mine once owned a Honda Shadow and it had the same rims.
I'm going to take an amateur guess and say that this is a 1980 Honda CB750F. From my fumbling through the darkness trying to identify this from scratch I noticed the elongated gas tank that curves down at the rear with the front of the seat matching the angle. That subtle wing is cool too. 
If it is a CB750 it is missing a 4 cylinder air-cooled engine. The CB750 enjoyed a glorious run from 1969 to 2003. Somehow it took me until now to notice that it's not chained to the sign at all actually. 
This Honda has been around long enough to not only garner some tickets, but for the color of those tickets to fade. I doubt this little pony will be up and running anytime soon.
Well that's it for a rare 2 wheeled interlude. When this blog was new I featured a few abandoned scooters roosting in the Williamsburg area but this doesn't happen often. Something about the cool stripes and massive brick of a taillight made me stop and appreciate this little ride.

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