Sunday, August 13, 2017

Show Car Sunday returns with a flawless Ford

Contributor Max came through recently with a picture-perfect advertisement for both the Ford Mustang and New York City itself. I mean really, can you get any more iconic than a first generation Mustang and the Village Cigars sign with a festooned subway entrance?
This is a 1966 Ford Mustang GT Sportsroof in Silver Frost Poly. Of all the early Mustangs I love the fastback/Sportsroof design best (excluding convertibles because they transcend all vehicles in my eyes). This one seems 100% correct and perfectly restored. By the way if your car is this nice you can walk away with the windows left open and somehow the gods will protect it! 
Up front we've got the awesome fog light grill and period correct plates.
That little emblem lets us know that a 289 V8 resides under the hood. There were both regular and high performance versions available. The original GT wheels are perfect and the double Red Line tires as correct as everything else on this show stopper.
The interior has cupholders but other than that looks to be as it was when it left the factory in '66. It has an automatic transmission and radio as well as air conditioning. I'm assuming from the overall presentation that there are other options too.
*Adding seat belts and cupholders to cars that never had them are the 2 customizations I'll always approve of in otherwise correctly restored show cars. Cupholders are more convenient than you realize until you're without one, and the seat belts my buddy Dave Link added to my old VW Beetle before I owned it probably saved my life!
As with the rest of the car the rear is flawless.
It is very difficult to discern between a 1965 and 1966 Mustang GT. Reverse lights were optional in '65 and standard in '66 so no help there. The gas cap and paint color are really the only reliable clues. The GT cap seen here wasn't available on the '65, nor was this shade of Silver. With a non-GT Mustang there are ways to check with the grill and dashboard but they are mostly identical.
I'll close this out with the least exciting car chase I've seen in a long time. Robert Ulrich drove a '65/'66 Sportsroof in the '80s TV show Spenser for Hire. Here he is taking on the bad guys at speeds of up to 30mph in foggy slush. Bonus points for a square headlight Grenada hitting a Tempo on its way to spontaneously flipping over. Hey, they can't all be Jim Rockford!

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