Saturday, July 26, 2014

The General at attention!

Good God is this thing gonna beat me up? You see beasts like this rolling all over the Sierra Nevada Foothills where I spent a good portion of my childhood, but in Brooklyn?
What we have here is a colossal 1978 GMC truck in a forest green not available from the factory.
This truck is in superb shape for something so obviously built to work for a living. It's dimensions are pure 1978; wide, tall, and heavy. In all seriousness though, this example is the long wheelbase model as they did offer a shorter version. We can see from certain angles that this is a 4-wheel-drive rig. If it came from the factory so equipped it indicates that this is the rare 1-ton chassis which would explain the brawny stance.
No drivers side mirrors? Merging into traffic with this mirror-less threat would be interesting.
For all its blocky simplicity this truck has some good lines. The wraparound taillights are a nice touch, as are the square wheel openings. No rear bumper because who needs one? It would be so high off the ground that it really wouldn't serve any purpose anyway.
I don't know what this hanging black steel panel is with the two rings, but maybe it's some sort of hook-up for a large trailer like a boat or something? If any astute readers know please chime in!
This truck most likely came with the 400 V8 which had plenty of torque even in the emissions choked days of the late '70s. Unlike the car version this would be geared low for power and wouldn't be expected to rev very high.
Well there we have it; the Arnold Schwarzenegger of trucks! I'd love to have seen who drives this thing as I figure it's either some bro who lives at the gym or a tiny chick with tattoos (hopefully the latter).

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