Sunday, August 9, 2015

Show Car Sunday returns with an original paint beast!

Just a block away from my shop is a combination flat-fix and place to buy some fancy rims for your ride. Every once in a while they have a classic parked out front. Check it out!
This sharp beast is a 1969 Cadillac Eldorado in Shalimar Gold Poly. It looks like any old big car of the era but in reality it's a technological marvel (like it's cousin the Olds Toronado). For as large as it is this car is front wheel drive! Handling is actually shockingly good when compared to its peers.
From these angles you can see the '69 and '70 only Halo Roof option where a strip of the body color outlined the vinyl as opposed to it going all the way to the tops of the windows. The main identifying feature for pinpointing the year as '69 is that it says Cadillac in the grill. In 1970 the word Eldorado replaced it.
Sure it's a huge hood! The motor is gargantuan; a 7.7 Liter 472 V8. The following year the Eldorado would gain the mightiest engine of the decade in the 8.2 Liter 500.
I like how the paint is worn off the passenger side front fender proving that the paint and condition is original.
The jutting schnoz like the prow of a ship.
I think the turn signals are beautiful on this ride, and they play well against the bumper.
Little details abound, all very high quality. This lamp lights up when the turn signal is used to help illuminate where you're heading. The tiny Cadillac crest on the front keeps it classy.
This basic design was launched in 1967 and would continue through the '70 model year. One detail that made the '67 and '68 Eldorados extra tough was the fact that they had hidden headlights. Imagine how badass this car would be if there was just an unbroken stretch of black grill from turn signal to turn signal!
Here we can see the tiny rear side window which was power of course. You can also see the sharp downward angled crease below the lower corner of the window like a shout-out to the separate fenders of years gone by. The wheels are what you might expect from a gold Caddy parked in front of a wheel shop.
The knife-edge of the rear quarters house the taillights and are basically the remnants of fins.
The rear bumpers are somewhat delicate and serve more to add to the overall look than protect the body.
Just a few years after this Eldo came off the factory floor federal regulations required enormous bumpers. While huge rides like the Cadillacs of the day wore them better than most you still couldn't hope for something resembling elegance.
We'll close it out here with the Cadillac wreath symbol as used for the rear side marker light.
As large as this generation of Eldorado was it would gain a full 6 inches in length in 1971. These are the last that managed to look (and act) athletic and nimble, all the while able to shuttle 6 adults comfortably. I've wanted one of these ever since I saw a '68 with a chopped roof and "EL DOG" spray painted on the windshield 20 years ago. They're getting scarce now but are still somewhat  available and the prices are just creeping up. 

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