Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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I was way out somewhere near the Belt Parkway where you can still find tiny bungalows when I passed this driveway. Serious action either way!
A Ford Falcon roosting next to a Toyota Landcruiser! This guy has more vehicle than house.
By the way, big shout-out to the freak who built that behemoth looming in the background. Those are skylights amidst all that shingle. Does somebody actually live up there? When you have the tallest building in the area why would you squander a view for so much wall? Maniacs!
Both look ready to fire up and drive away that moment. I like how the Landcruiser is on the lawn as a concession to keeping it in the city. It's almost like saying "we're sorry you can't frolic in the woods like your siblings but here's a bit of turf so you don't get depressed".
From the three red curved outlines of the taillights and the word Falcon written across the width of that panel we know it's a '61. The Falcon was introduced a year earlier in 1960 and continued on in this scale through the 1969 model year. In 1964 the Mustang was released which was almost identical to this car yet more sporty. The Falcon limped along for awhile but the Mustang killed it in the end.
The name Landcruiser has been used for Toyotas off-road vehicles since 1950. The U.S. requested that Toyota build a small 4x4 vehicle for use in the Korean War, and as a result the first examples were very Jeep like. This is a J40 edition which was built between 1960-1984. This one is from 1973 or earlier due to the turn signals being all orange. Newer versions had orange on the lower half and clear on top. These are so rugged and fun but like the Jeep of that era creature comforts were basically nil.
Hats off, bungalow dude on having such a sweet lineup!

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