Thursday, June 2, 2016

Silver Rocket!

Look, even the most mundane car becomes interesting after 35+ years. The thing about this ride is that it looks like it's a bit newer than it actually is, probably due to its styling compared to the other Toyotas of the same vintage. Without further ado: 
This is a 1980 Toyota Corona Liftback Luxury Edition in Silver Poly. The color helps pinpoint the year as there was very little change in appearance between 1979-1983, but the Silver was only available in '80.
This is in pristine shape for any vehicle of this age in the Northeast. It's not a particularly sporty or flashy model being plain silver and a 4 door (technically 5 door), so restoration is basically out of the question. This looks to be an example of someone making a frugal but not too frugal purchase in 1980, and garaging it ever since.
This cursive emblem looks as it did on '70s Toyotas. The Lift Back is an alternative to the more common 4 door hatchback body style. With the back seats folded forward there is a surprising amount of cargo or camping room inside.
Funny how this style gives the illusion of a trunk as opposed to a flat-windowed hatchback. The Corolla from this year was so boxy that you know looking at it that only a ruler was used in its design. This ride manages to have some curves.
This represents the end of old technology too. Rear wheel drive cars like this one were being phased out in favor of front wheel drive models. This car breathes through a carburetor as well. While the Corona would continue through 2002 in Japan this would be the last era for the U.S. market.
The Luxury Edition package got you niceties like air conditioning, rear defroster, rear wiper (this one unbelievably seems to be poised and ready for rain!), and a better-than-am radio.
Well there we have it; a nice full-size (for Toyota) classic in truly remarkable condition. That front fender dent is 100% worth repairing in my mind for a 36 year old ride so shiny. If you found one of these you'd still probably only have to shell out a few thousand even in this condition as it's too big and heavy for the drifter set yet not sexy enough in its 5 door dowdy iteration for collectors. I would LOVE to have this thing as a daily driver as it's sure to get 35mpg and run for 200,000 easy miles. Hats off Silver Rocket!

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