Friday, August 12, 2016

So Kreamy

Special K
First of all I'd like to tip my cap to the owner of this margarine-colored carlet for doing away with all airs by getting the truthiest of license plates. Second of all I would like to thank Big Peet Tamburino of Providence for this mighty submission. Gadzooks!
What we have here is a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron convertible in the nauseatingly rich color Cream. To up the ante the interior color is Palomino Tan and I'm pretty sure that's a Cream Tan colored top as well. I just want to spread this car on toast.
We know it is an '85 because the bars of the grill are broken up into those vertical rectangular shapes while the front of the car is still totally boxy (all Chryslers got a more rounded, aerodynamic facade in '86). Let's take a moment to admire the crystal Pentastar hood ornament. So fancy!
This little droptop is one of the myriad forms that the K-Car took. Chrysler reintroduced this as the first domestically produced convertible in years in 1982; the last American made production convertible previous to this was the '76 Cadillac (yes car fanatics I know that there were Buick and Caddy convertibles before '82 but they were ASC conversions). I briefly had a twin to this car inherited from my father; a BROWN 1986 Dodge 600 convertible. These things drive pretty well actually, powered adequately by a 2.2 Liter 4 cylinder and console mounted 3 speed automatic.
This example is bone stock and totally immaculate! For a 31 year old car this has an excellent chance of winning a trophy at a car show to the chagrin of all the Mustang and Chevelle owners.
Dig that '80s dash; square gauges and a faux brushed-stainless steel square radio. One armrest in the middle is all there is room for. I remember from experience that the power top switch is located down on the console.
*Can I get a shout-out for the fact that the photographers plaid shirt is neatly framed in the drivers side mirror? Amazing!
We we'll just leave this nougat-filled buttercream right here on the streets of Providence. To me these things are looking better every year. Parts are widely available and there were millions of K-Cars built so acquiring and maintaining one ought to be easy. What you would have for your troubles is an efficient, easy to park, reliable convertible. I just about talked myself into looking for one.
One last thing: Bobcat Goldthwait's character Zed drove one in Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment!

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