Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mystery Mopar gets a piggyback through Brooklyn.

Sometimes a vehicle passes by my shop in Brooklyn and by the time I recognize what I'm seeing it's long gone. Other times people are stuck in traffic. This vision presented itself the other day:
 Sweet Mopar relic! What we have here is a 1973/1974 Plymouth Satellite, Sebring, Road Runner, or GTX in what looks to be the color Hemi Orange. I realize that's a wide array of possibilities but this is a beater rolling by on the back of a flatbed! 
One detail that ought to be helpful in identifying but isn't is the Power Dome Hood. This was the standard hood for both the Road Runner & GTX but very well might've been an extra option for the pedestrian Satellite. That should be a '74 if that hood is vented, '73 if not (assuming it's wearing its original clothing).
You have to admit that it's a great silhouette. It's still athletic at this point where as the mid '70s would extend the hoods and shorten the trunks for most 2 doors.
The color looks so Mopar and perfectly faded that I'm inclined to believe it's original or a very old repaint. Regardless none of the identifying decals or stripes muscle cars of this era are so famous for are present so it could be a base model Satellite with optional hood.
The guy in the drivers seat of the truck said "it's for sale; 4 grand" when he saw me taking pics.
I asked "is it a 440 or a 383?"
He checked with is passenger and said "383".
Then I did some research and it looks like the 383 was last available in 1972 so I guess we were both wrong!
Just a quick pass by but the car looked complete and at least had a drivetrain in it. If most of the rarest parts such as interior are present this is a fine project and worth every cent of that $4,000. For now I was just happy to have an interesting ride cruising by that was snarled in enough traffic that I could catch up with it.

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