Friday, April 14, 2017

The car everyone always tells me is revolutionary. I ain't buyin' it.

I was walking along in Brooklyn and was like "there's a Mustang"
Yep. Like '65 or '66.
"Black Cali plates. That explains why it's so rust free." I thought.
Most of the time I was looking at this ride I was asking myself why I ought to bother featuring such an astonishingly popular car that's always struck me as kind of vanilla. I guess I was moved to do so since this looks to be a nice original that's tasteful. No fuzzy dice thank god!
Ford came up with this car, see? Revolutionized the world. Nobody could believe it. Amazing. Since it was named after a horse the press decided to coin this new style of automobile the Pony Car.
This is where my gripe comes in: The Mustang is not a new style of car. To call this a new kind of car ignores so many long hood short deck cars that came before it. Examples? Almost every European sports car since the very first one. The Mustang invented a new car category like Columbus discovered America. IT DIDN'T!
How could the world forget that a mere 10 years before this came off the assembly line Ford themselves released the Thunderbird?
Now THIS is cool. Why there would be louvers on the tip of your exhaust is beyond me but it looks great. I can't imagine a single performance benefit but hey!
The color is Wimbledon White and it looks pretty snappy.
Under the skin this is a Ford Falcon. The Falcon was a cool car. Why isn't there a new category of Bird Cars? Bird Cars are cool, just ask Pontiac!
These are pretty cool original "Spider Web" design wheels. They were an option.
I do like the tidy look of these early interiors which remind me of an old school powerboat. The wood rim steering wheel is pretty foxy.
In the movie Smoke Harvey Keitel tells a story where he visits an old blind lady in the very rough Wyckoff Houses. Well there they are just past that scaffolding. These days they are eminently walkable 24 hours a day.
*To be fair the full name is Wyckoff Gardens Houses. They are tucked between the headwaters of the Gowanus Canal on one side and Carrol Gardens/Boerum Hill on the other.
I think I'll continue on this tack and mention that the fictional tobacco shop in Smoke was located in a real storefront at the corner of 15th Street and Prospect Park West. The storefront now houses DUB Pies which stands for Down Under Bakery. They serve delicious New Zealand style (mostly savory) pies. It looks nothing like the movie except when you stand with your back to the door and look out at the street scene.
Since I've gone off the rails completely I'll mention that the bank in the classic film Dog Day Afternoon was located a couple blocks up from Dub Pies at 285 Prospect Park West. That building is long gone now, replaced with a somewhat innocuous row of buildings.
Well there you have it; an almost contentless blog piece with pictures of a Mustang. My favorite Fords are their vans and the bigger cars like the Torinos, LTDs, and station wagons. I suppose if black and white tiled floor diners with pictures of James Dean, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe are your thing this might be your favorite '60s car. Lucky for you as there are trillions of them out there. Have at it!

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