Thursday, May 11, 2017

LeSabre by night

It's frustrating for me to encounter a sweet ride at night. Sometimes I'll circle back around in the daytime and find the same rig but more often than not the nighttime pics are all I'll get. I have several amazing cars that have never been posted because they're too dark. Somehow the after hours vibe seems to suit this car just fine:
This is a 1963 Buick LeSabre in Regal Black. This car is so well dressed that you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
'63 was the only year for this strange widely spaced headlights configuration. The grill is a cast piece that probably weighs a good amount on its own. Behind that grill lies the a V8 engine in either 300, 364, or 401 cubic inches. I know the 401 Nailhead was good for around 300 horsepower and a mountain of torque. I had a '65 Electra with the 401 and that beast could dance around like a small sports car despite its gargantuan proportions.
This is the sedan version that could also be ordered as a hardtop.
When featuring a car I'll look it up in various places for the odd fact I might not know or even just to confirm a year, etc. Imagine my surprise when this exact car is the example posted in the Wikipedia page for Buick LeSabre!
This full size cruiser was close to the flagship Electra 225. A quick way to identify the difference is that this has 3 portholes on the front fender while the Electra has four. By '63 the famous Buick portholes had become stylized rectangles.
Let's try with the flash.
And let's try without.
As was the norm for full size GM cars in the early '60s the rear looks a lot like the front. That formal roofline is tall enough for the bank manager to keep his hat on while driving.
These tall Gothic taillight housings are great. If the grim reaper drove a car this might be it.
The proportions are pretty good for such an enormous car.
Well that's where I'll leave this black beauty. Having the pleasure of owning that '65 Electra I wholeheartedly vouch for any '60s full size Buick. The build quality was spectacular and they are extremely responsive. Now for no reason other than I wish I had it today here's a beauty shot of my old ride:

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