Sunday, April 10, 2016

Show Car Sunday returns with The Classiest Roadster You Will See All Day

You really never know what you're going to get in this city. Somewhere out on the warehousey edge of Greenpoint and Queens sat this stunning little lady right here:
This is a 1955-1958 Mercedes Benz 190SL convertible with the optional removable hardtop. If this is close to the original color it was listed in the charts as WeiƟ (white in German), while the hardtop is Feuerrot (Fire Red). This is about as classy as a car can get!
From this peek inside the interior we can see it's pretty well equipped with the original Becker radio in the dash and a Kienzle clock mounted on the glove compartment door. The seats are out which makes sense as this seems to be going through a complete restoration.
In 1959 the hardtop window was enlarged from this size to a full wrap-around version which helps us to round down the year. The 190SL was introduced in 1955 and was built for 8 years with very little in the way of changes. These were meant to be the more manageable little sibling to the larger 300SL (which of course includes the famous Gullwing). Where the 300 series had a big straight six these had a smaller 4 cylinder.
The color matching hubcaps lend to the class on this sweet little ride.
While the mighty 300SL gets the multi-million dollar auction money these smaller cars are starting to catch up quick. In 2014 one of these sold at Sotheby's for a cool $341,000! Regardless, here it was parked amidst minivans and Mustangs above the oil slick that is Eastern Greenpoint. Glad I found it when I did!

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