Sunday, May 8, 2016

Show Car Sunday returns with a quaalude era 'vette

Out on Eastern Parkway I ran across this Boogie Nights era ride:
This is a 1976 Chevrolet Corvette in Light Blue. With hat big rubber schnoz you can immediately determine that it's at least a '73. Previously there was a trim chrome bumper just in front of the headlight doors, but federal safety regulations called for a more robust unit. Luckily this swooping body lent itself to the added bumper better than most.
It's a little unnerving to stare into these open eyes. Does this car want to fight?
This is perhaps the ultimate American sports cars; 2 seater, big engine, long hood short deck, and T-tops!
This swooping Coke Bottle design heralds back to the Mako Shark II concept car from 1965.
This represents one of the longest lasting body styles of any domestic auto, running from 1968 to 1982. In fact I can't think of another car that spans the '60s to the '80s without major changes. The Jeep CJ maybe.
If you're going to have a Corvette you might as well go all the way. For me this means T-tops! This era also cam in a full convertible which looks great.
Though the Corvette emblem has changed over the decades a few styling cues remain constant. They always have the crossed flags; one is the checkered flag meant for the winner of a race. The other is a strange amalgam of the bow-tie Chevrolet logo and a fleur-de-lis which was added only because the name of the car company is French.
'76 only steering wheel was hated because it resembled the same one used in the Vega. It actually created a little outcry from people who thought the mighty 'vette deserved a better wheel. They quickly changed course offering a "cooler" steering wheel for '77.
The cockpit of the Corvette is pretty great though, especially with that gleaming white upholstery. Too bad it's an automatic.
This ride is wearing the classic Chevy Rally wheels which could be found on Chevelles too going back to the late '60s.
1975 the rear urethane bumper became a large seamless unit incorporating the taillights. In 1980 they added a small wing to this rounded rump to make it a touch manlier.
In '76 the rear corvette emblem replaced individual letters spelling out the name.
1978 would see a larger fastback rear window as opposed to this recessed notch.Laugh all you want at that luggage rack, but if you went on a trip with a 2 seat sports car you might need it!
The temporary plate in the back window means somebody is gearing up for the summer months in this beast. Out of the entire history of the 'vette this isn't one of the best moments (though the '80s were the slowest and most derided) but this one is still pretty cool. To see a well-kept example these days is downright impressive. With the T-tops out this car would be hilarious fun to cruise around in.

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