Monday, May 2, 2016

Upstate blacked-out droptop ready to scare children

I was driving around upstate with a friend of mine last year when we passed this angry beast sulking in a driveway. Making an immediate u-turn was a no brainer!
This evil looking angry bastard of a car is a 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible in what might have been Presidential Blue or Acapulco Blue. When you look at this thing it is BLACK. However in 1969 that horizontal bar in the middle of the grill matched the original body color, and this one looks blue to me. *That hood scoop is not original by the way. The power headlights are vacuum operated so too bad if you have a slight hose leak. You could easily end up with one eye open.
This is a full-size car weighing in at around 4,400 lbs. As a convertible it achieves full cruising status with room for 5 lounging adults and multiple 6-packs. I mean, it's 1969! Seat belts were only mandatory the year before this came out.
The lines of this barge are pretty straight and clean. That gas filler door is open because you might as well just leave it that way as mileage was around 9-12 per gallon.
Okay please people leave the GT steering wheels alone! They're like a pricey version of fuzzy dice in that both do ZERO for your ride. The bones of this car are awesome though; wrap around dash and gauge cluster, console with a sweet slapstick shifter, just enough faux wood to let you know the '70s ought to be here any minute.
Wait a minute; this changes everything! Yes even as big as this car is that little 429 badge means there is a fire breathing 360 horsepower engine within producing a massive 480 lbs of torque! Being a '69 means that this motor is breathing free and guzzling all the leaded gas you can dump in it. You could just stomp the pedal to the floor and the car would probably burn its tires right off the rims.
Rough, dirty, painted spray can black with a chintzy scoop slapped on, and freaking bricks laying on the hood all mean nothing! This car is cool as hell and I want it want it want it. It was autumn in Amenia when I passed this and I have no idea what I would do with this monster in the city during winter (if it even started, etc etc etc). However this is what I believe muscle cars from the late '60s should be; a slightly too big, too powerful, convertible demon ready to eat up every one of your dollars. Viva la Galaxie!

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