Friday, May 6, 2016

Van as canvas

Imagine the bummer of coming out to your vehicle only to discover that somebody tagged it during the night. This person is going entirely in the other direction! Only the front 3 windows remain clear.
This was a 1986-1992 Dodge Ram Van in fleet-vehicle white. This was destined to be a work mule from birth with those plain painted bumpers. MASTER is representing along the whole side.
 This thing is totally fearless with scars, bruises, and tattoos all over its face. This van could have been ordered with any number of engine, transmission, seating, and load bearing combinations. Vans from the '80s are literally blank canvases. I had a 6 cylinder 1988 Ford E-150 with a 5 speed stick shift that got 20mpg, and another '88 E-150 that had a big V8 and plush captains chairs. Two vehicles that couldn't be any different except for the fact that they had essentially the same starting point.
To me this thing is beautiful. The larger pieces seem too well constructed to have been vandalism.
In the great bombing tradition of CAP somebody laid their monotone blue dis right over the more subtle piece below. If you haven't seen Style Wars I highly recommend it! CAP is a villain in the graffiti world who basically wrote CAP! over every piece he encountered.
It's actually pretty impressive that the back was blacked out in 2010 and remains relatively intact. I was staring at this for a while before I noticed that there are indeed rear windows!
Vans that are completely bombed out like this strike me as brilliant in a security sense. I mean, who's gonna steal this thing? You could probably leave thousands of dollars in equipment in this on a dark street and it will remain intact.

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