Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mixed bag of rides on this Thursday including a future classic for sale!

Well today I'm featuring a hodgepodge of rides snapped at various locations starting with the very height of optimism from the person trying to sell this car:
DUDE. Your car is messed up beyond belief! Cars with dents get sold every day but these are usually fatal wounds!
What we're looking at here started life as a Buick Century in about 1998. This is one step up from basic transportation, and was marketed as the orthopedic shoe of automobiles. If you were already in a rest home but somehow decided to forsake a chunk of your kids inheritance and purchase one last vehicle this would be it. This car is truly yawn-inducing with its Silvermist Metallic paint, plastic wheel covers, and velour interior.
Poor Michigan being represented by the license plate on this wreck as if the struggling reputations of Flint and Detroit weren't enough.
All of the damage on this car is bizarre! Take this door for instance; a hole punched in the trim, the bottom mashed in, and the rocker panel rotted as if it was 40 years old. What caused this?
The private-party resale value for this Buick ranges from $1,033 for examples in fair condition to $1,635 in excellent condition. I can't imagine that the value for "horrifically wounded, rusted, and wrapped in a plastic bag" condition is more than the local junkyard will offer, but then again those organizations ask pesky questions like "can you prove that you own this car?"
Again with the weird and mysterious history as illustrated by the gash along the edge of the trunk. The paint looks like it was peeled off in big pieces due to these fender-benders, but this is typical of the terrible paint jobs given to GM cars of this era. I challenge anyone to find a Saturn from the late '90s without the paint peeling off of the hood like it was reentering the atmosphere.
Another debilitating hit! replacing a door is easy but this is structural damage to the wheel well and door jam itself. Whatever caused this most likely took this wheel with it which might be why this is a suspiciously new tire on such a chewed-up-and-spat-out victim. Well hats off and good luck to both the seller and yet-to-be-found lucky new owner of this future classic!
On to a revisit of an earlier post:
This is all we get of an incredible 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan (which you can discern from the 1950 due to it having 2 horizontal chrome bars within it's grill). I managed to take a partial side shot of this car months ago but crowds of aimless dudes started gathering around so I took off. Upon returning I wasn't able to get the great shots I wanted, but the car is so classy that I'll keep trying! The styling of this classy beauty perfectly conveys the postwar optimism when the United States was firmly positioned at the top of the heap.
On to another example of a ride I've featured before:
The mighty Toyota Landcruiser makes another appearance on this humble blog. I had a twofer-Tuesday featuring a couple of these trucks but I couldn't resist this one in a plain white wrapper.
New tires have been purchased for this beast and they aren't cheap, so someone is loving her daily.
The visibility of these trucks is great thanks to those curved corner windows on the hardtop. I have to admit I'm just as taken with the cold war architecture of the building behind it which seems to say "get in line" or "take a number and wait to be called". I can only imagine the boredom of the drones toiling away under fluorescent lighting in this slab.
We'll leave with this shot of a square vehicle in front of a very square building. Big ups to Greenpoint for it's seemingly bottomless well of interesting iron!

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