Saturday, August 30, 2014

Somebody needs to remind this person that their minivan is an import!

Do you love America? Do you really? How much? PROVE it!
Far be it from me or anybody else to question the patriotism of the lucky owner of this ride!
I've driven cross-country a bunch of times and have seen tons of HOO-RAH paint jobs on vehicles, but this takes the cake. 
At one point this was a 1999-2001 Mazda MPV. The legendary Staten Island group Wu-Tang Clan rapped about this ride in their hit C.R.E.A.M.: 
"Rollin in MPV's, every week we made forty G's"
Well $40,000 sure is a lot of money but this paint job looks like a million bucks!
Yes look at all the functionality amidst the border-defending armor that the stars and stripes provides. Perhaps my favorite part of this entire piece is that somebody tagged it with blue spray paint on the back quarter panel, but they only re-did the white stripes and left the graffiti peeking out from the red beneath. Maybe red's expensive? Who knows? Freedom isn't free people!
Just when you thought it couldn't get any more American; a Texas license plate! It makes perfect sense as the plate and the car have the same graphics. Why this was done to a Mazda and not a Domestic minivan is beyond me, but it also adds to the lunacy. 
The wiper, roof rack, and wheels all got the treatment. The white looks so dirty and grungy at this point that part of me wants to pony up my own can of Krylon for the cause and touch it up.
They certainly went for it all the way. The mirror gets a perfectly placed Mason Dixon line of demarcation where the red and white meet.
I just wanted to highlight the grubby blue wheel but the thick orange peel texture of the blue on the fender comes through nicely in this pic too.
You can't quite see it from this distance but the wipers are not only painted blue, but have portions of stars on them as well exactly where they ought to be. For that matter the grill has probably the most difficult star to apply on the whole vehicle positioned over the slats. I'm extremely pleased with whomever made this decision and followed through with it! Hats off (and over the heart for a round of God Bless America for that matter).

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