Sunday, August 31, 2014

Show Car Sunday returns with a topless marshmallow yacht

I was pedaling up along the Boerum Hill/Gowanus border when this gleaming white vision presented itself to me:
A 1975 Buick LeSabre convertible in Arctic White! This is the end of the line for full-size drop tops for Buick in the '70s. In fact, only Cadillac continued to produce a convertible in 1976, which turned out to be the last domestic ragtop until 1983 (discounting of course the many limited-edition aftermarket conversions to both Eldorados and Rivieras).
This is a worthy Show Car Sunday contender as it seems to be missing only a hubcap and a lower trim piece that goes under the taillights. Otherwise this ride is in great condition throughout.
This imposing snout was for the '75 model year only. The '74 was, in my opinion, much more attractive though it was exactly the same size. This grill and light layout is unabashedly barge-like as if they took a cue from the massive federally mandated front bumper for design inspiration. The hood ornament is missing, but what do you expect from a car parked in Brooklyn?*
*Supposedly hood ornaments were mostly ignored in the city until Mike D wore a large chrome VW bus emblem around his neck while promoting Licensed to Ill, after which there was a rash of thefts relieving VWs, Mercedes-Benzs, and full-size domestic cars of their jewelry. 
The convertible was only available in Custom trim, which was a step up from the base LeSabre. We know this car was equipped with the 350V8 as it would've had a 455 badge where the CUSTOM emblem sits if it had the larger motor.
The original caps feature the same try-shield design that made up the missing hood ornament. 
Something about a white interior with blood-red carpeting makes this beast pimptastic! Combine this with the fat band of faux-woodgrain running along the door panels, that brushed metal obelisk, and burgundy padding along the top and you better just light up a cigarette and shop for a toupee.
In actuality having a white interior and white top on a convertible is genius during the summer. Take it from the guy who had a black top and black interior on his droptop; the car would be excruciatingly hot and the seats would threaten to peel the skin off your legs if you were wearing shorts.
The paint on this ride was really nice, as was the chrome. As I stated earlier one of the missing components of this ride is a white trim piece that would've run underneath the taillights and around the license plate. It is made up of a sort of rubberized plastic that becomes brittle over time so it's not surprising that something has happened to it.
On a hot and humid day such as today this is just the car to roll out to the beach in. The dimensions of the interior are the same as the Cadillacs of the era so fitting 5 of your friends isn't out of the question either. Soon enough these convertibles will have to head back into the garage for another bout of hibernation so I'm happy to run across them when I do.


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  2. The mid-70's convertibles could handle 8 friends with the top down (+ driver) - 3 in front + driver, and 5 in back!
    Somehow I know this...