Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Time warp Toyota

As usual Rob from L.A. steps outside his house and almost trips over a cool classic in showroom condition. Today he sends us a beautiful 1978 Toyota Corolla in Silver Metallic. This thing is cherry!
For what was built to be a no-nonsense bit of economical transportation it looks pretty tough, especially with these aftermarket wheels. To add to the toughness this owner elected to install his tires with the whitewalls facing inward as you can glimpse on this front wheel. Wouldn't want to be accused of putting on airs now would we?
This is the last year for this body style, which is known as the E30. Starting in '79 the Corolla became completely angular and boxy. These little rounded models seem a little friendlier.
Under the skin this ride is as reliable as a car can be with it's legendary 2-TC engine. While only producing between 75 and 100 horsepower from the factory they can easily be tuned to double that amount. With 200hp these super-light cars are rocket ships.
I believe that black plastic grill is the fresh air intake for the ventilation system. I know it's functional which might explain its odd shape and location. Earlier Corollas had a larger plastic vent up on the rear roof pillar that swung open to reveal the hidden gas cap beneath.
Seriously this thing could not be any nicer! As for those black taillight surrounds, I've seen several that were chrome from the factory as well. It might be the difference in trim level where the chrome was included as part of some sort of deluxe edition, but I'm not sure. I am sure that the current owner is all over it with Armor All or something like it.
Finally this racing style gas cap is a hilarious feature for such a dowdy car! Unfortunately the UNLEADED FUEL ONLY sticker was just slapped unceremoniously on the side where it can't be ignored. The fact that it remains there tells us that this car has never been repainted, which makes the condition all the more remarkable.
Big thanks once again to L.A. Rob for another sweet find!

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