Friday, June 20, 2014

RV Roundup

Let's get right down to it; this is the coolest Morohome/RV I've seen in a long time:
A 1970 Glastron Motor Home, originally marketed as the "Space-Age Living on the Go".
Their print ad from 1970 is so awesome that I'm going to quote it verbatim: 
"For the finest space-age styling in fiberglass, Glastron threw away the book. Result: the most advanced Motor Home ever. It's more spacious, luxurious, safer. Yes, it's just inches longer than luxury cars."
All I know is that this thing is the coolest! Look at that off-center vent on the back, and the overall surf wagon design on this 2-tone lunchbox. The carnival ride taillights are great too.
 That massive surfboard motif on the sides sets it off and manages to make what is essentially a huge square look somehow streamlined.
It's hard to gauge without approaching it in person, but that side window is absolutely enormous! Glastron made snowmobiles and houseboats before throwing their hat in the Motorhome ring in 1970. It must be Dodge based as there is a small DODGE emblem just above the front license plate. Dodge seemed to be the platform of choice for many independent fiberglass RV producers, probably because they had simple and very reliable running gear.
This one has some expensive Texas fetish wheels on it that somehow work just fine with Glastron's bonkers style. Looking at this pic now I wish I'd read that tiny information tag under the reflector to the right of the wheel well, though it probably just lists tire pressure or factory address or something.
Such a great logo and headlight treatment! This is one rare machine, even more bizarre to see parked in Bushwick.
On to Travco:
It's not everyday that you see a vehicle that seems to be yelling at the top of it's lungs!
I don't imagine this gets used much, but the registration sticker was either current or recent, so what do I know? The wiper just wants to go home.
This RV is gargantuan; more a bus than the relatively compact Glastron. Dating this is tough as I'm no motorhome expert. Most of the referneces I can find for the Dodge-based Travcos (which I think this is) have 4 headlights set a little higher than the ones here. Maybe this is another brand? All I know is it's using up the biggest private parking space in Greenpoint.
Other mysteries abound like this cardboard cover-up on the side.
From the other street I caught a glimpse of the rounded rear of this pill, complete with some sort of paddle boat mounted to it. I can only imagine that it maxes out around 8mpg and smells funky inside so we'll leave it to the driveways of Greenpoint. Glastron wins this round!

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