Sunday, June 1, 2014

What's more patriotic than an eagle named after America? Show Car Sunday returns!

I was riding the ol' bike to collect a car I'd left parked after a Bushwick Open Studios party last night when I came upon this gleaming vision:

Wow! An absolutely immaculate AMC Eagle! AMC stood for American Motors Company which haled from Kenosha Wisconsin as opposed to Detroit like all the other U.S. car makers. Even though this AMC ups the patriotic ante by being named Eagle it was actually produced exclusively in Canada (because the original Kenosha plant was building Renaults of all things!).
The main claim to fame with the Eagle is that they were all 4-wheel-drive from the factory with a jacked-up high ground clearance stance to boot. AMC was the builder of the Jeep between 1970-1987 so the 4X4 running gear was thoroughly capable and reliable.
This example could really be any year from 1985-1988 as the body, trim, lights, wheels, luggage rack, and every other detail you can normally use to date a car remained constant. About the only things I can tell you is that it's from after 1980 as it has the 24 square ice-cube tray grill that was lacking in the first year of production, and it has to be 1985 or after as it's a wagon with the "power bulge" hood only available on the 2-door previously.
AMC always had quirky details that I love; check out the pinstripe treatment on this ride! Not only is there the normal stripe down the side, but a wide U shape under the rear window, and a rogue stripe surrounding the rear side windows as well. Those pull-out door handles are an AMC-exclusive design that was first seen on the 1968 Rebel. Gremlins, Matadors, and Pacers all had the same handle but this is their swan song.
Notice that proud feeling swelling up inside of you? No? Well regardless look at this awesome eagle portrait looking much like Sam the Eagle from The Muppets. This pic also details another moment where the pinstriper was left alone with the car while everyone else had lunch. That's all for now, but I think I'll let John Ashcroft play us out this fine Sunday:


  1. Great post, but as punishment for the Ashcroft stunt, you must watch its better mix: