Friday, April 25, 2014

Deuce and a Quarter? Only in Length . . .

1962 Buick Le Sabre
Here we find the dressed-down version of the iconic Electra 225 for 1962; the Buick Le Sabre. Both cars shared the same overall full-size body, but the fact that this example has only 3 portholes on each side means it cannot be an Electra, and the fact that it is a 4-door with a post in between the front and rear doors as opposed to a hardtop means it cannot be the mid-market Invicta.
 *For those of you not familiar, the "225" in the Electra's name refers to the 225-inch length of the car (18.75ft!!), making this a true land yacht. 
The color on this Le Sabre looks to be "Fawn Mist", which is sort of sand/beige/metallic silver, though rust is really working it's way along the edges on this one. The original engine would be the wonderful 401 "Nailhead" that put out either 410 or 375 foot lbs of torque (depending on whether the owner decided on a 2 barrel or 4 barrel carb as a no-cost option). I had a 1965 Electra 225 with the 4 barrel version of the 401 and can attest to the fact that it made that gargantuan beast feel light on it's feet! There's something about a 2-ton car accelerating quickly that's exhilarating and slightly unnerving, as if it doesn't seem possible.
This angle really tells the story; WIDE white walls with no hubcaps, paint and chrome faded, dents on the quarter panel, and the lower skin of the rear door separating due to rust, but she's still up and running so we'll tip our cap accordingly.  

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