Friday, April 25, 2014

Junky Hoarder Nightmare

This "car" is in BRUTAL condition! 

I remember passing it with it's rear wheel at that crazy angle at least 2 years ago when close friends of mine moved nearby. My initial thought was "Wow that'll be towed away any minute now" Little did I know!
Somehow, astonishingly, this thing continues to move back and forth across the street in accordance with the NYC alternate side parking regulations even with its broken ankle! It seems truly impossible, but there it is. Since it has only 1 out of state license plate on it I don't know why they bother, as I regard 99% of the "1 out of state plate" rides in NYC as completely out of all DMV systems in the country. *I will do a feature on this phenomenon soon as the myriad 1-OOSP cars litter the Brooklyn streets and drive/park with impunity and no discernible penalty.
So what we're looking at here was once a 1989-ish Toyota Corolla DX in plain ol' white. It's obviously seen better days. In fact, it's "better days" might still strike fear in the hearts of most folks. 

Big props to the bagel cafe/deli who slipped a menu under the wiper of this wreck; those bagels aren't gonna sell themselves!
The interior is literally a pile of cardboard boxes and dirty blankets spilling over from the packed backseat to the front, but like I said it still somehow moves if only to cross the street which is remarkable. 

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