Saturday, April 26, 2014

Frumpy Beige Budgie

Keepin' it on the GL
This poor car is just sad. It looks like it really didn't want to bother or offend anybody but it just gets bullied and picked on and beat up in the hallway. The principal doesn't even intervene.
What we have here is an extremely used 1983 Subaru GL sedan. My guess is that this was the rarest body style as the station wagons were ubiquitous, and the 2 door hatchbacks were somewhat prevalent.  This one has been through the ringer though; missing grill, dents and rust on literally every panel, rear wheel made of cocoa, etc. Even the tiny reflector on the side of the bumper is cracked right down the middle which seems more insulting than if it just fell off. The license plate looks like someone tried to pry it off with bare hands and gave up.
Classic taillight repair with whatever tape was laying around. Sweet aftermarket speakers on the back deck.
Usually I like to try and decipher which of the factory colors once graced the cars I feature, but in 1983 Subaru offered 2 different beiges! Such a complete surrender as to how boring and unexciting this car was even from the factory. Out of a 10 possible colors, 2 were beige (Astral Beige and Harvest Beige), one was Silver (which is almost a beige), one was Black and one was White. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.
After bagging on this poor car so much I need to point out that the 4 headlights on this model actually mean that this is the higher trim level than standard. Also, this vintage Subaru had the very first automatic pushbutton 4-wheel drive transmission of any Japanese car. It's still getting the job done for somebody!

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