Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random Collection of Finds

Since I started taking shots of cars long before I intended to compile them in any fashion I have some stand-alone or double pics. This entry will be a Rogue's Gallery of orphan images.
First up is this 1961 Ford Falcon Ranchero in straight-up bargain blue, though remnants of a factory paint job may allude to either "Cambridge Blue Irid" or "Blue Metallic" according to the '61 paint chip references I found.
  I love the space-aged swoopy styling of this model in combination with the lack of fancy trim; the only chrome visible besides the bumpers and hubcaps is the windshield surround!
This baby is packing either a 2.4 or 2.8 liter 6cyl, the latter of which was rated at a very respectable 30mpg! 

Next up, another FoMoCo product:
Yessiree this is a 1978 Ford Fairmont 4-door with a vinyl roof! Dig those original hubcaps and historical plates. Now before you laugh this one off the stage realize this; under the skin this is 100% Fox Body Mustang.
Now who knows what engine this is packing but it did have a trailer attached to it when I rode by it near the Grand Central Parkway. 
When I was a kid my mother purchased a brand-new 4 door just like this one in dark green. It was a true lemon, but we traded Fairmonts with my aunt a year later (she traded our lemon in), and we ended up with the sleeper hit; a red 2 door with the 5.0 motor. One curiosity of the 2-door is that the large back windows don't go down. *Another curiosity of all Fairmonts of this vintage is that the horn is activated by pressing the turn signal stalk in towards the steering column! This basically ensured that any emergency went unchecked as you furiously mashed the inert steering wheel centerpiece.

On to a brief Celebrity sighting;
What can I say? Mid-80s (likely '86?) Chevy Celebrity whose most remarkable feature is that it still exists 28 years after it was produced. Heck, if you located some factory hubcaps and punched out that dent this is basically in mint condition. Another 28 years and you've got the oddball everyone gathers around at the car show.

Now allow me to bend my own rules by posting a rare absolutely beautiful classic in very fine condition:
Looks like a 1963 Pontiac Tempest in what may be the "Marin Aqua Poly" color of that year. This lovely car was built the year before the GTO was introduced, and may have an odd engine lurking underneath the hood. Since there is no "V326" emblem on the grill there is a slight chance this has the 1-year-only Trophy Inline 4, which was basically a 389 V8 split down the middle. A design flaw of inline fours is that they shake badly, so it was discontinued after '63.

Back to the more heavily-used rides I prefer:
Conventional Hot-Rodders rejoice! A '57 Chevy Bel Air 4-door sedan. They built tons of this iconic model, and this one is the top trim level for the year.
With so many engines and options available in '57 it's hard to know anything specific without talking to the owner, but I'm happy to see a non trailer-queen example still roaming the streets of Brooklyn, especially with some homemade-looking 2-tone paint, spinners, and chrome headlight eyelids. 

The same address offers some other automotive wonders:
Here we have what I believe is a 1940 Buick Super Sedan. This body style was shared by the Roadmaster, but the 3 porthole trim in front of the front door gives it away, as the RM had 4. These cars look so gangster in black with those honest metal hubcaps. The subtle red inside the grill, in the portholes, and in the lettering on the hubcaps is just enough accent. Nice job.

Crouched and ready to pounce in front of that majestic Buick is this little Alpha! Now I'm no expert on Italian cars, but my guess is that this is a 1969 Alpha Romeo 1750 GT, looking even more eager and athletic without it's bumpers. I'm never driven, or even ridden in one, but I hear they are an absolute blast to throw around twisty roads.

On to the X-Large & X-Small portion of the program:
Here is a 1962-1964 Chevy C60 BEAST of a truck slumbering in snowy hibernation with the Empire State Building in the background. Surprising truck to find in Greenpoint Brooklyn!

Now I do enjoy mopeds and scooters, and since a good friend of mine rode a Motobecane for years I thought I'd snap a few pics. Rest assured this might be the nicest 2-wheeled vehicle you'll ever see on this blog as I'm already remembering a beat-down half-stripped Negrini chained up outside that I need to snap.
This is the fabled 50 Series, which according to the Moped Army website is "probably the most refined and sought after moped manufactured by Motobecane".

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