Saturday, April 26, 2014

Half Japanese, half British, stranded in America

Red Rover Red Rover
why did you come over? Why the British auto maker Rover would dress up an Acura Legend in English finery and bring it to the United States after failing to take hold here previously is anybody's guess. However it came to be, here is the result; a 1987 Sterling 825SL.

Very curiously this example is also badged ROVER on the left of the trunk as it would've been in the UK. Maybe that makes this one of the very first to come across the pond?
This footnote in automotive history is indeed an Acura Legend in chassis and drivetrain (and most of the body). The interior appointments however are thoroughly British with faux wood trim and fine leather seating. 
Not many came to the US between '87-'89 even though the Rover 800 series (as it was known in Europe) was hugely successful everywhere else. How this example soldiers on 27 years after it's arrival is anybody's guess! I love how very British the crest is on this faded beauty. 
My favorite part of this vehicle is that somewhere the owner managed to find a chrome dress-up kit for it!
So what if it's a mish-mosh of Burgundy, Purple, and Black? The fat chrome band with Sterling written only on the passenger side shows that it still has some pride left.
*I didn't realize that whatever finish is left on this car would reflect me so well, but with my phone giving me an almost-Devil Horns gesture I'm alright with it.

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