Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Green Furious Troll Under the Bridge

Fuselage Fury
Post #2 already shows a theme with 100% of the cars featured being '70s "Mist" green with a bag window repair! Nevertheless, I present to you a formidable 1973 Plymouth Fury III. 
From the color choices available to Mopar customers in '73 I'm guessing that this is "Mist Green" (though there is a slight chance of it being a seriously grimy Meadow Green). 

Being that this is a Hardtop Coupe it must be a Fury III, as the Fury I and Fury II were only available as sedans and wagons. No vinyl roof for this beast! Hardtop plain-Jane green all the way. '73 was the first time in 5 years that hidden headlights were not available.

As you can see from this angle there is an unfolded map/plastic bag combo plugging up the gap at the top of the passenger-side window. Fuselage styling called for the entire car to be rounded in shape, so water finds it's way in pretty easily I bet.

As per usual with this class of NYC street-parked auto the hubcaps are long gone. However, on blackwalls with steelies crouching under the bridge it looks appropriately menacing.

I've admired this fine ride for at least a couple years in this same stretch of Brooklyn. Other than the rumpled exterior it looks remarkably complete and mostly rust-free. A restoration candidate? Squint a little and you might agree!

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