Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abandoned Ponies

Stranded at the Hitching Post
There are a great many sad scenes like this one in NYC. It seems that every signpost & parking meter (let alone bike racks) has at least one stranded bike or scooter, stripped down to the skeleton, with years of age showing. I will limit this post to 3 motorized versions in various states of decomposition.
This is how I encountered this heartbroken couple and it reminded me of the saddest Pompeii victims locked in embrace for all time.

Since Mopeds aren't really my specialty it's very helpful to have such an overabundance of badging on this one; a 1978 Honda Express!
The color for this is listed as the ridiculously charming Parakeet Yellow. Unfortunately Honda has had a couple run-ins with bored drunks wandering this part of Williamsburg as it's skull is cracked wide open.
No need to pre-mix your oil & gas for this 49cc 2-stroke! Honda being ingenious as always designed a built-in oil pump that took care of it for you. They couldn't help but put more words on it though; this thing is 40% stickers.
How great is that tiny carburetor with it's little arms spread wide? The motor & chain drive looks like a chainsaw made out of cream cheese, but I bet this was fun to ride once. "World Tour" on the tires no less.

On to Italia!
 Here we have a very tough looking Negrini MX Sport moped from what I believe to be the 1980 vintage. Such a little motorcycle in the looks department.
Negrini loves America! Negrini loves his Italian heritage! Negrini came here with 3 cents in his pocket and made something of himself!
The Morini Franco Motor(i) seems to have a cut gas line going to it. Maybe Negrini talked.

Well with it's flat tire and gas tank that's been wide open this entire past winter I don't think Negrini will be going anywhere soon, which is a shame because it does have such a tough stance and is in pretty nice condition otherwise.

Finally we'll conclude with a moped from India:
No badging for this lil' red cruiser! In a remarkable show of restraint this moped almost kept it's name a secret until I noticed it embossed on to the gas cap once I was reviewing the pics. 
This is a Kinetic brand moped, built in India and imported to the States for about 10 years. I even read a claim that you could order one through the JC Whitney catalogue for under $800 at one point.
Our hero is the kind of dirty you can only achieve by living under the elevated train tracks. The seat looks extra sat-on, and it seems to be missing one of it's pedals.
However I'm willing to bet this one would actually start for whomever has the key.
I dig the alien language printing on the luggage rack. The tires aren't completely flat on the ol' Kinetic, so who knows? Maybe it still sees occasional use as a delivery back-up vehicle.
Thus concludes a rare 2-wheeled Hoopties post; back to the big stuff tomorrow

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