Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Great Car Terrible Cover Syndrome
I love running across a covered challenge to my auto-geekery! Identifying a covered car scratches an itch that only a few people will admit to. I am that person.
So what have we here?  
First of all, this car cover is terrible! If you're going to go through the trouble of covering it why would you use something that needs to be tied up on the ends like some sort of 1950s holiday roast? No fewer than 3 lengths of bungee cord are wrapped around this thing. The bungee cords aren't even extra long or anything; each one is fabricated from several like a prisoner tying bedsheets together to escape. This car wants to escape!
*Special shout-out goes to the RV behind it with one entire side replaced with plywood.
It seems to be a convertible due to those lines under the tarp that look like the bows for the top. This would also be the only acceptable excuse for using such a sad cover.
 This one eye peeking out identifies this car for me immediately, as only one car had this treatment for a single year. We're looking at a 1966 Mercury Comet!
The signature feature of the '66 Comet were the stacked round headlights that were surrounded by the body color. Both '65 and '67 had the stacked headlights somewhat incorporated into the overall grill (though '67 was close to this). You can just make out the aggressive, forward-leaning angle of the front end.
 It looks to have the original hubcaps too which are a bit odd as they look very formal on what is trying to be a youthful, sporty car. Still a Mercury as opposed to some downmarket Mustang!
These Comets are some of my favorite Mercurys of all time, and this one looks to be wearing it's original Jamaican Yellow paint. Hopefully I'll catch it cruising around without it's tatty cover some day.

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