Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Red Hook Gold
This is one lucky (or superstitious) truck with a horseshoe in it's grill.
Here we have what is unquestionably a 1974-1978 Jeep Wagoneer in what might be Harvest Gold Poly. Dating the full-size Jeeps from this era is almost impossible; the grill changed every 3 or 4 years, but that's about it! Basically this was exactly the same truck from 1963-1991. It's been featured in Tom & Jerry cartoons and Skyler White drove one in Breaking Bad.
I love the setting for this one with that crazy facade behind it. I mean, who lives in that Lucky Charms house? Clowns?
My usually wordy ramblings have met their match with this truck. I spent the last hour researching the differences in Jeep Wagoneers year-to-year during the 70s and they might as well have said "none".
I can tell you that most of these rugged donkeys had faux woodgrain within that chrome outline going down the side. Well that about wraps it up for the Jeep! On to some random Red Hook glimpses:
 A fine 70s-era VW Westfalia camper conversion. Possibly the 2nd most difficult to date vehicle of the decade as it looked essentially the same from 1968 through 1979.
We started with the perfect truck to pull a camper, followed by a camper conversion, and now on to a full-on trailer. Looks like somebody's beating the tough NYC rents in this sweet little lunchbox.

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