Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day CST10

Two Tone Beauty
Riding by Prospect Park this morning on my way to work a short Memorial Day shift I caught a glimpse of this:
A 1970 Chevrolet CST-10 pickup! Looking good with that original two-tone Orange and White paint job. Incidentally those are the official names of these particular colors for GM trucks in '70, which is mildly surprising. No fancy catalogue color descriptions for the working man!
 Somebody has a real show truck on their hands. Everything looks flawless.
Some nice details are to be discovered when inspecting this Chevy; the blue tinted glass with reflective louvers set inside the bow-tie logo really pops in the sunlight.
 There's a lot of information on this mouthful of a badge; CST/10 8 350.
Officially this is a truck from the full-size C/K series which counts for the first C. The ST following it means it is the top of the line, which includes such fancy upgrades as the two-tone paint and the upper and lower side moldings. The 10 means it can carry a half-ton, and the 8 350 of course means that it has the 350 V8 motor.
Easily the coolest part of this vehicle for me is the woodgrain hidden within the lower molding running along the entire truck. If you were going for a highfalutin vibe in the '60s and '70s it usually meant fake wood whether on your truck or in your seedy basement home bar.
This truck is so perfect that I can't imagine it works very hard for a living these days, but it certainly could with it's long bed, heavy-duty bumper with trailer hitch, and handy exterior lamp over the back window. This would be the perfect rig to haul a boat or a camper with.
One more shot of this Gentleman Farmer's ride. Happy Memorial Day!

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