Friday, May 30, 2014

NYC's still got it!

Keepin' it Real
Here's a little bonus post for those of you who think NYC's lost it's edge completely.
 Yes it's still possible to find stolen & stripped wrecks dumped on the streets of the city. This was out near the Flushing World's Fair site.
Civics are certainly as popular as ever, and this one's given up just about everything. Not just the seats but the entire carpet was yanked out of this one!
 Every light, the entire wiring harness, doors, trunk, etc. Basically if your late '90s Honda got flooded in Hurricane Sandy and you needed to rebuild it you'd probably need all of these parts. I'm surprised 4 out of the 6 original windows are still in it.
Next time the new Times Square bums you out go for a ride in the outer Boroughs and keep your eyes peeled; the late '70s is still out there if you look hard enough.

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