Sunday, May 11, 2014

Show Car Sunday returns! Mother's Day Edition

Beautiful Bird
In honor of Mother's Day today I figured I'd post a truly beautiful, classy car that any mother would be happy to ride in.
This is a nicely presented 1962 Ford Thunderbird in Skymist Blue.
  My favorite feature on this ride is the incredible taillight design which really makes the car look like a jet about to take off.
Overall though I have to say this is one of my very favorite Ford designs. There isn't a section of the car that seems overlooked or out of place, and the interior is just as fetching as the exterior. Just 1 year before this the T-birds were huge bloated slabs of metal that looked like a catfish trying to breathe on land, so this is an astounding improvement.
So there you have it! Tomorrow I'll be back with more beat-down wrecks, but for today here's a classic fit to drive mom to brunch in.

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