Sunday, May 4, 2014

When Ford Went Number 2

Little Deuce Coupe
 Sometimes forces beyond your control can force you to make irrational decisions. When the gas crisis of the early 70s raised prices and caused rationing at the pump the U.S. automakers were caught short with their gargantuan offerings. Ford knew it had to do something, and quick; I present to you the Ford Mustang II.
This example is from 1977, and has all the garish period styling cues you'd expect from that era.
Body-colored bumpers, T-tops, ultra-sporty steering wheel, and peep that plaid interior!
  I usually bash on these cars relentlessly, but I have to admit this one looks pretty darn fetching in it's Bright Aqua Glow paint and sporty kidney-bean wheels (named after the shapes of the holes on the rims).
Notice that easter-basket handle going over the roof. I can only imagine that the T-top conversion left an ungainly gash, OR the need for much more rigidity, so they "blended" a massive roll bar into the roof. Very curiously I searched "1977 Mustang" before posting this to search color codes and whatnot, and another blogger (The Street Peep) posted pics of this car in this location, with the front and back wheels swapped. Someone's rotating their tires and keeping up on maintenance so I expect this will see lots of action this summer.
Some detail of the aforementioned wheel along with the accent colored trim insert to set off the blue. The v* emblem was found on Fords going back to 1932 to show off the grunt of the motor. While it's impressive that this car was built with a V8, it simply wasn't that powerful during these emissions-equipment heavy days.

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