Friday, May 30, 2014

Town Ace vs Space Van

Today we have 2 very different sides to the same coin; the Toyota LiteAce is the basis for every van they've built since 1970. In the good old U.S. of A. these were known simply as the Toyota Van. However, in Europe, and casually in the States, it was known as the Space Van. I present our first example:
Blammo! This poor thing calls for some 1960's Batman POW!! exclamations complete with trumpet blasts for the treatment it's received.
This veteran of the city streets was once a 1986 Toyota Van. It's obviously been some run-ins with various buildings or other vehicles or who knows what. Remarkably it seems to be driven regularly. The beauty of having the engine mounted over the front wheels is that you can have a massive front end collision and it might start the next day.
This Medium Blue Metallic example has some sort of camper style windows on this side, but that's nothing compared to the other.
As if there aren't enough cargo vans in the world to choose from the owner has elected to spot weld pieces of metal over the window openings on the driver's side! Not only that, but they decided to seal up their handiwork with some chartreuse spray paint. Finally "Nothing Wild Loves U" was written in marker on the side. Take that as a warning!
Next up we have a cool and capable oddity that tries to answer the question "How many words can I put on a vehicle?"
Seriously, from the top: Toyota Town Ace Super Touring 4WD Diesel SEA with Skylight Roof. This is a 1989 Japanese version of the Town Ace in highly decorated trim.
The Max Headroom background to the words TOWN ACE in that awesome font let us know that Toyota's gonna squeeze every bit out of the '80s before the decade ends.
I'm not sure what I can say or point out about this sweet ride thats not already written on it. You see that there? That's the Skylite Roof. It has a total of 4 of these little pop-up sunroofs.
Oh dear. It looks as if someone will be trying to convince their Oregon insurance company that they need to order a rare window from Japan for a 20+ year old vehicle that was never imported to this country.
Actually make that 2 windows! Something about the crosshatching of the window tape tells me that they fully expect to drive at highway speeds for quite a while before the glass cavalry comes through.
Despite how out of place this Space Cruiser Town Ace is on the streets of Brooklyn I still love it. Go forth Town Ace and continue exploring the galaxy!

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