Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"No va" means "Not going" in Spanish

Overripe Tomato
Some days after documenting a few 80s cars I start to forget the original impetus of this blog. Then I'll round a corner and come upon something like this:
Whoa Nelly! What a crusty war-torn relic! 
What we have here is a 1974 Chevy Nova in what appears to be Medium Red with a smile that says "I used to play a lot of hockey".
She has been around as long as I have but manages to look a lot more rugged. These have been 40 hard years for Nova.
  Blankets are kind of tossed into the interior in an "anything helps" fashion. This is the exact make, model, and year of Jules' ride in Pulp Fiction (before Mr. Wolf had them crush it of course).
 The differences between the 1974 and 1973 Novas are very subtle, but this enormous slab of a rear bumper is the biggest clue; the '73 had a much smaller bumper that looked more in tune with the overall design as opposed to the enforced safety regulations inspiring this behemoth. The other vintage indicator is the Chevrolet "bowtie" emblem in the middle of the grill which '73 was lacking. From this angle it looks like someone actually attempted removing the side trim and filling in the holes before settling for sanded rust-prone blank spots.
White walls on the back (more like beige walls) and black walls on the front for some odd reason.
 Here we see the few small amounts of rust along the lower quarter panel. It's hard to tell from just how filthy this beast is but it actually seems to be in very salvageable shape. 
 Oh pardon me; this is the "Custom" edition!
With the 350 badges on the front fenders, along with the fact that this is a 40 year old red 2-door Nova sporting current license plates and a valid inspection sticker, I'm willing to bet this thing will be fixed up before long. For now keeping it safe on the streets probably means letting the dirt build up so nobody takes an interest. Good luck Nova!

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